The life and effectiveness of your roof go much deeper than what you can see. In addition to the shingles, there are four other important components, which equally contribute to the overall protection of your home. These components include the drainage, the roofing structure, the decking, and the flashing. Each part must be installed with the same care and expertise, or the entire system could be compromised.

Sensible Roofing Solutions has earned its reputation for exceptional installation of all components. When we install a roofing system we offer a warranty that covers the entire system, not just the shingles.

Services we offer include:

  • Roof Replacements & New Roofs
  • Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Windows
  • Hail Claims for Wind or Hail Damage
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Roof Repairs and Preventative Maintenance
  • Flat Roofs, New Flat Roof and Repairs of Flat Roofs
  • High & Commercial roofing
  • Skylight Installation and Skylight Flashing Repairs
  • Gutters
  • Chimney Caps and Pans
  • Carpentry and Siding Repairs (minimums apply)
  • Ventilation of Attics, Ridge Vents, Power Vents, etc.
  • Solar Powered Attic Vents
  • Blown In Attic Insulation