Most shingles are expected to last 30 or more years. However many factors can contribute to a roof needing to be replaced much sooner. Without other contributing factors such as storm damage, your roof system can suffer from foundation issues improper installation, and poor ventilation. At Sensible Roofing Solutions we pride ourselves in giving you an honest assessment of your roof. On shingle roof systems we always use a nail over ridge vent. This system helps your roof breathe better which will lower utility bills.

A roof replacement consists of removing and installing new shingles. We recommend tearing off the old shingles down to the decking. This allows for inspection of the decking material to be sure there are not rotten spots that need to be replaced prior to the new shingles being installed.
Sensible Roofing Solutions highly-trained crews can complete most roof replacements in one day, including the tear off, installation and the clean-up of all trash and materials. Homeowners are kept informed during the entire process by an individual roofing supervisor.

You can count on Sensible Roofing Solutions whether you need repairs or an entire new roof. Contact Sensible Roofing Solutions today and request your free in-home consultation.