Ongoing, preventative roof maintenance is key to 1) helping you protect the investment you’ve already made in your roof and 2) keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Neglected roofs are subjected to moisture which will cause damage and shorten the life expectancy of your roofing system.

At Sensible Roofing Solutions, we strive to find potential roof defects before they become a problem. Our roofing experts can inspect, analyze, diagnose and provide professional reports detailing the conditions of your roofing system, in order to detect and correct any current defects and/or potential problems.

If a roof is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a requirement to have it inspected annually or semi-annually to keep the warranty in effect. Our technicians strive to ensure building owners that they will have the knowledge to maintain their roof without voiding their warranty. Defects (warranted items) become the responsibility of the manufacturer and can save the building owner significant money that can be reinvested in the maintenance of the building.

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