Commercial roofing offers unique challenges, especially since most feature flat or gently-sloped (less than 10 degrees) roofs. This means gravity has a greater pull on materials, and those materials need to be able to withstand extreme conditions and potential water ponding. Our service region can be a challenging area of the country because we feel the brunt of winter’s freezing temps and summer’s steamy heat. Sensible Roofing Solutions installs roofs that can take whatever Mother Nature brings our way!

We apply a variety of roofing systems and specialize in single ply membrane roofing because of its many advantages.


A single-ply, durable roofing system that can be mechanically attached, ballasted or fully adhered. EPDM systems are flexible and return to their original form after stress to provide weatherability in all temperature extremes.
EPDM membrane systems are highly recommended for sloping roofs and are suitable for new construction, repairs roof replacement.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Thermoplastic Single Ply Membrane

PVC membranes offer a wide variety of features, including heat welded seams and UV resistance / reflectivity.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin): Thermoplastic Membrane

Provides weathering resistance, flexibility, tear resistance, puncture resistance and heat welded seams.

Modified Bitumen Built-Up Roofs

Provides flexibility, impact resistance, strength and system compatibility; slope required.

Coal Tar Pitch – Built-Up Roofs

Coal tar pitch roofing systems are used on level or low sloped roofs and ideal for roofs that are expected to hold water.

Asphalt Built-Up Roofs

Provides flexibility, impact resistance, strength and system compatibility; slope required

Cold Process Roof Systems

Monolithic seamless membrane bonded to base plys and surfaced with UV protective materials.
Architectural and structural standing seam metal roofing

An aesthetic option installed to add beauty and interest to a building’s exterior. It is available in a variety of colors and is often used to enhance entryways and building fronts.

Metal Siding Systems

Low maintenance metal siding systems can be applied over existing surfaces.


Specialized coatings cut energy usage, inhibit leaks and extend roof life.
Restoration Products

A variety of materials, techniques and processes to extend the life of your roof