Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is among the most well-known and extremely reputable commercial roofing systems with regard to structures having minimal slope or “flat” roof structures. This method or style can often be referred to in the roofing industry as “tar and gravel” roofs. BUR is made up of several layers of roofing felts laminated together by using bitumen. BUR incorporates bitumen-filled organic-fiber, fiberglass, or polyester felt. A top finish or perhaps a glaze coat of asphalt, aggregate (gravel or slag), fibered, or non-fibered coatings manufactured for the purpose of roof coating, or a granule-surfaced cap layer.

BUR is designed and selected to meet up with an extensive array of building waterproofing solutions, based on the requirements of the property owner. These systems range between simple systems meant to be extensively maintained to upper-end systems which are developed to be qualified for a manufacturer’s warranty.

Through the years, BUR has gained an excellent reputation with establishment owners, engineers. architects, roofing product producers and commercial roofing companies. The traditional charge for a BUR system might be higher than various low-slope applications, however when observing the long vision, BUR often prevails as the victor.

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